Flax Tow

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Sucol / Sucolin rifle cleansing tow

With Sucol and Sucolin you have got just the right tow at hand for any kind of gun barrel, any calibre and any surface. Due to its enormous absorptive strength, dirt will be taken up by the tow and thus removed from the barrel in an ideal gentle way. If a particularly thorough cleaning should be necessary, we’d recommend Robla Solo MIL or Robla-Schwarzpulver-Solvent (Blackpowder Solvent). BALLISTOL or Gunex, however, is ideally used and suited for general cleaning processes.

The long fibres of Sucol and Sucolin make it easy to wind them round a cleaning stick. It goes without saying that it is equally simple to adapt the thickness to the diametre of the barrel. The tow is of course free from any dust or fluff, which makes it perfect for cleaning and polishing.

For barrels of shotguns we recommend Sucol (gun-cleaning tow, flaxen) and for sub calibre and spherical barrels Sucolin (silk tow, white).